Retail industry

We help clients address pressing challenges

Retail industry

Retailers need more than a good deal to make a sale and keep loyal customers coming back. A winning position requires superior strategy, attractive merchandising, efficient operations, targeted marketing, a robust organization, and reliable technology.

We have a global experience in retail industry consultancy.

Committed to helping our clients succeed

What we can do for you


Laying the foundations for top-line growth through corporate strategy design, business development, acquisitions, and format renewal.

Commercial transformation

Creating a compelling commercial offer, including assortment management and pricing and promotions.



Creating value for shoppers by optimizing the marketing mix based on a deep understanding of their needs and values.



Improving the bottom line through lean retailing, optimized sourcing, best practice supply chain management, and efficient store operations.

Data analytics

Unleashing advanced analytics on rich data to turn customer insights into retail.


Getting ready for sustainable success by building robust organizations, superior skills, and smooth change management processes.

Winning mindset

We have the flexibility and the expertise to create customized solutions for our retail clients, whatever their specific challenges may be.

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