Marketing Studies

Marketing Studies

CG & Consulting assists its clients with their six main issues around sales and marketing topics:

  • Customer marketing / CROM: marketing plan and strategy, segmentation, relationship marketing, customer acquisition, loyalty programmes, customer equipment, etc.
  • Marketing of products and services: brand portfolio management, innovation and product/service development processes, monitoring of product/service launches, marketing investment analysis, pricing strategy, etc.
  • Digital marketing: reputation, online and mobile customer acquisition, personalised digital interaction and cross-selling, enhancement of the customer multichannel experience, digital marketing coordination, etc.
  • Relationship management: customer interaction systems, recognition programme, customer service model, monitoring and improvement of customer satisfaction, network culture of service, etc.
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Distribution strategy and organisation

Multi-channel strategy, distribution segmentation, scope of physical networks, demographics, resource allocation, new concepts/evolution of points-of-sale, partnership strategy and implementation, call center effectiveness, sales/customer service clarity, etc Sales effectiveness: business management and policies, network management and monitoring, sales force management and incentives etc

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