Values & Convictions

CGS & Consulting stands out by its approach and its vision of the consultant’s role.

Our Convictions

We believe that the profession of strategy and management consulting is similar to craftsmanship, in the noblest of sense : customized products, attention to detail, undisputed quality and richness of creation.

We also believe that the training and development of our consultants, as well as teamwork, are key components to achieving our permanent objective: providing our customers with real and innovative solutions.

We are committed to developing a close relationship with our clients, based on trust and proximity. We believe that such an approach, which involves defining and implementing solutions with sustainable added value, requires the total commitment of our teams and a work approach based on the close involvement of our clients.

Come to CGS & Consulting to do the best work, with the best teams and truly be at your best.

Committed to helping our clients succeed

Our Core Values

Since the firm was established a few years back, our growth has been sustained by values that guide our client actions as well as our internal environment: team work, enthusiasm, simplicity, pragmatism, ambition and innovation.


A strong, joyful excitement of feeling, in which a higher force drives creativity.


Natural honesty, frank sincerity, a natural behaviour, without pretention.


The act of adding something new to something already established.


A group of people united in a common task.


The doctrine that assigns practical value as a criterion of the validity of an idea.


A thirst for success in an intellectual and moral sense.
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